The importance of Financial Planning

‘Partnering with you to build, protect and manage your wealth”

Important Questions to consider regarding your health of your financial Life.

  1. Have I written a set of financial goals?
  2. Do I have a budget for my income and expenses?
  3. Have I considered an investment plan to provide for my children’s education or other long term financial goals?
  4. Do I have a range of investments both inside and outside superannuation?
  5. Do I hold adequate insurance to provide for my dependents if my partner or I suffer a serious illness, injury or die?
  6. Am I confident that I’m managing tax effectively?
  7. Do I know how much I need for a comfortable retirement and do I have a plan to achieve this?
  8. Have I structured my home loan to pay it off faster?
  9. Do I have an up-to-date will and enduring power of attorney?
  10. Do I understand what my super is in invested in and how can I make tax effective contributions to super?
  11. Am I making the most of any government benefits that I am entitled to?
  12. Do I have a financial plan, and am I on track to achieving my goals?
  13. Have I have reviewed my Business and Personal Insurance Protection?
  14. Do I realise that my Superannuation could pay the government 30% on my Death?
  15. Can I financial survive if I become sick or injured and unable to work?
  16. Do I have plan for my business if I have a marriage break -up?

If you answered YES to just ONE of these questions, then you need to meet with us for free no obligation interview for a professional and honest assistance with reaching your lifestyle and financial goals.


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